EA Member Insurance

The EA National Insurance Scheme provided by Gow Gates Insurance Brokers offers members 24/7 Personal Accident and Public Liability Insurance at all times whilst engaged in non-income earning equestrian activities. For policy details and additional product packages available to members please visit the Gow Gates Insurance Brokers Equestrian Insurance website – or by calling Gow Gates Insurance Brokers on: 1800 811 371

EA Club Insurance

As an EA affiliated club you have access to the National Insurance Program which is arranged by EA and provided by Gow Gates Insurance Brokers. For more information on the Club Insurance package and benefits please visit or by calling Gow Gates Insurance Brokers on: 1800 811 371

Officials Insurance

EA and Gow Gates Insurance Brokers have developed an insurance policy for top up coverage for EA Officials. The new policy will enable EA accredited officials to be able to opt to take out additional coverage which will see them covered whilst acting in their capacity as an Equestrian Australia registered official including when earning an income or at events which are not EA affiliated.

As a benefit of your Equestrian Australia official affiliation, you can opt to take out additional insurance which will cover you for:

  • Personal Accident
  • Public & Products Liability
  • Professional Indemnity

Whilst undertaking duties as an equestrian official under your EA accreditation whilst you are earning an income or at non-affilated events.

This is in addition to the cover which you would hold through your EA Membership which covers you 24/7 for any Non-Income earning equestrian activities. Officials are currently covered to officiate at club events provided the club has the EA insurance.

The policy will cover you up to the level of your accreditation with Equestrian Australia. To be eligible for this insurance you will need to be a current EA member and hold a current EA official accreditation.  If you require further insurance to cover you above your EA accreditation Gow Gates Insurance Brokers can provide you with a top-up option.


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