How Do I - FAQs

This page aims to answer frequently asked questions.  If you are still unsure, and need further assistance please send us an email at [email protected] or phone 0497 303 535 during business hours Monday-Friday 9am to 2pm.

Topics include:

  • Horse registration
  • Measuring
  • Membership
  • Coaches

Horse Registration

How do I register my horse?

Horse registration can be done via two methods:

MyEA EA Members Online Portal

Print off a hard copy application form

To access the online portal, you will need to know your ENT membership number and password.  If you do not know your membership number them, please email us at [email protected] and we will provide.  If you don't know your password simply reset your password, there is a link on the portal.

To complete your registration application, we will ask you to provide:

  • 5 names in order of preference
  • details about your horse markings and brands.  You will need to draw and describe in words markings and brands if applicable to your horse
  • your horses microchip number

To register your horse, it must have a microchip number.  If you are unsure if your horse already has one, your local vet will have a microchip scanner, which they will use to detect if your horse has a microchip already inserted.

My horse is a paint or appaloosa?

Pinto, Paint & Appaloosa Horses.-Members who submit an application to register a horse with excessive markings i.e. pinto, paint or appaloosa, must include 3 clear photographs (by two sets) with the application taken of the front of the horse (showing its head and front leg markings) and from the near side and off side. We will staple one set of photos to the registration certificate and one set to the original application. An ENT stamp will be placed on the back of the photos that are stapled to the registration certificate to ensure that they are never altered.

How much does horse registration cost?

  • Full Life registration $110.00
  • Base registration $FREE

What is the difference between life registration and base registration?

Life registration you can compete your horse.  Base registration does not allow you to compete your horse.  Base registration is good for someone who is looking to secure a registered name for their horse in the EA national database.

Once my horse is full life registered what can I do?

Once your horse is full life registered you are eligible to:

  • enter our discipline state championships.  For example:  NT Show Horse and Rider State Championships, NT Jumping Championships and NT Dressage Championships
  • compete in dressage in official competitive competitions, pony, and horse
  • compete in the Australian Dressage Championships
  • compete in official jumping height classes
  • compete in the Australian Jumping Championships
  • compete at the National Interschool Championships
  • qualify for the EA National Show Horse and Rider Championships
  • apply for an official height certificate
  • have your competition results recorded on a national database

I am not a member, can I register a horse?

No.  Members can only register a horse, and for the registration to remain current the owner must remain a current member.

I don't know my horses height?

The question relating to height on the registration application form is purely for the purposes of identification.  Measuring certificates are the officiall EA height document and not registration papers.  For example if a horse was presented for inspection along with registration papers and first indentification method (microchip number) could not be detected, the colour, markings and height would be used to confirm correct identification of the horse presented matched the description on the registration papers.

If your horse is young and still growing, note down the height you anticipate your horse will be once its fully grown.

My horse is registered already, how do I make a transfer to another member?

On the overleaf side of your registration papers you will see multiple boxes that can be completed to transfer your horse to another member. Once you have sold your horse please email us at [email protected] so we are able to change your horse’s status to 'sold'.  Once the new owner presents and pays for the horse to be transferred into their name the status will be changed back to 'active'.

I am no longer a member and want to transfer my horses into my kids (or other immediate family members) names?

The same procedure applies as the above, however if it's an immediate family member transfer it is free of charge.

I have recently purchased a horse and found out its already EA registered but the past owner has no registration papers?

If the existing registration papers have been lost damaged or destroyed, as the new owner you can complete the:

ENT Transfer of Horse Registration Application Form

The fee to transfer is $50.00

I have lost, damaged or destroyed my registration papers, can I get a new certificate produced?

Yes.  The fee is $33.00 and you will need to complete the:

ENT Duplicate Certificate of Registration Application Form

Does my registration certificate provide proof of ownership of the horse?

No.  EA registration is purely for competition purposes and not considered as proof of ownership.

The application form asks if I require competition cards, what are they?

Competition cards are not issued in the NT.  However, if you are planning on competing in interstate competition, please email us at [email protected] and we will issue you with the appropriate competition licence.


Click here for more information on measuring

If I am not a member can I still have my horses measured?

Yes.  We will issue you with a statement of height.  official and life are not avaiable to non-members.

I am a member but my horse is not registered?

For your horse to be eligible for either an official or life measurement, the horse must also be registered.

What happens if my horse is registered post my measurement?

If you register your horse after it has been measured, and your seeking an official measurement card.  This can easily be arranged by simply contacting us at [email protected]


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Does ENT accept NTG Sports Vouchers towards membership?


If I join as a non-competitive member, can I upgrade to a competitive member?

Yes.  We can simply upgrade your membership anytime throughout the membership cycle.  To upgrade you pay the difference between the two membership categories. You can do this via the  MyEA EA Members Online Portal

Is the insurance cover available on all membership categories?

Yes.  No matter which membership option you choose you will have 24/7 liabliity and personal accident insurance.

Can I compete or attend clinics as a Supporter member?

No.  Whilst you have 24/7 insurance cover, the Supporter membership category is not designed for those members who wish to compete.  

Can I compete or attend or attend clinics as a Participant or Recreational member?

In the NT 'participation' competiton is not offered for Dressage and Jumping.  Our affiliated clubs the run Dressage or Jumping offer 'Official Competitive' or 'Closed Restrcited' compettions.  Show Horse dependant on the show classification on occasion offers participation competiton.  However, you can attend any ENT run clinics either ridden or un-ridden with this membership category.

If I move to another state or have moved to the NT, can I transfer my membership?

Yes. Either contact us or the state branch you have moved to. Depending the state you are moving to or have come from will determine if there is any extra pro-rated membership to pay, and when the transfer will be made based on each states membership cycle which is different in each state.  NT is calendar year like EQ and EWA.  EVIC, ENSW, ETAS, ESA are all financial year.


How do I find out if a coach is EA accredited?

You can find out who are current EA accredited coaches by visiting the 'Coach Search' section on the EA website.  If searching for the coach in the NT, select NT in the state toggle box and search and all NT current NT coaches and their level of accreditation will appear.

EA coach search