ENT Board
Name & term of appointment Position for 2021 calendar year (or until next AGM)
Anne-Marie Cruickshank to AGM 2023 Chair
Martin Evans to AGM 2022 Vice Chair
Sally Isberg to AGM 2023 Treasurer
Christine Edgoose to AGM 2023 Secretary

Contact with the Board can be made via email to:  [email protected]

Anne-Marie Cruickshank
   Position: Chair
Equestrian Interests: Competes in Dressage and Show Horse and on occasion in Jumping.  Anne-Marie is a dedicated equestrian, sharing her knowledge with her students as a EA Level 1 Dressage Coach.
Non-Equestrian Interests: Swimmng and socialsing.
What do you bring to the ENT Board? "I moved from Katherine to Darwin approximately 7 years ago, I have hands on experience with the tyranny of distance our members have to travel to reach events on a regular basis.  Also being a current competitor and coach I'm able to identify with our members needs, understanding the services they want from their branch, as they are the services I want too.  I am a long term Board Director providing knowledge and stability to the Board"
Location: Darwin
Martin Evans  
     Position: Vice Chair
Equestrian Interests: Jumping, Course Designing and the development of current NT coaches and officials.
Non-Equestrian Interests: Flying (my own plane), dining out and travel (pre COVID).
What do I bring to the ENT Board? "I became involved in the sport of equestrian when one of my daughters caught the bug many years ago now!  I'm from a business background starting and running my own businesses from the ground up, with this I bring to the board good business acumen ensuring sound considered decisions are made from all aspects.  Also being the only male, I bring a key ingredient - testosterone"
Location: Darwin
Sally Isberg
Position: Treasurer
Equestrian Interests: Dressage, Jumping, Pony Club and Trail Riding.
Non-Equestrian Interests: Sally has a keen interest in crocodilians and their conservation as well as sustainable wildlife use in general. In her spare time, Sally enjoys gardening, cooking, fishing and wildlife observation in general.
What do you bring to the ENT Board? "As a scientific consultant, my work primarily involves finding innovative ways to assist my client ensure their business survival. I am used to “sticking my neck out” with novel, and often radical, solutions to issues but more than often my innovations pay dividends. It is these same skills I will bring to ENT as the organisation seeks to increase membership, promote equestrian sports in the NT and develop our coaches, accreditations and our place on the national stage. Further, having just got back in horses after 20 years, I have a “fresh eyes” to identify areas of opportunity. Most importantly, I have a daughter who is also riding and wants to compete and making sure the NT is recognised and has the same opportunities on the national stage is really important to me to ensure she can achieve as much, or as little, as she wants to in her equestrian adventure"
Location: Darwin
Christine Edgoose
Position: Secretary
Equestrian Interests: Dressage, Jumping and trail rides along the Todd River.
Non-Equestrian Interests: Family, reading good quality crime fiction, landscapes and native flora.
What do you bring to the ENT Board? "I'm a long term Territorian in both Top End and Central Australia, strong involvement and interest in developing equestrian sports at club level, experience in good governance and also recognition of the importance of being flexible and creative to grow equestrian sport in the NT for all riders"
Location: Alice Springs