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Posted by Equestrian Northern Territory on 07/01/2021.

2020 Equestrian Australia AGM

The Equestrian Australia (EA) Annual General Meeting (AGM) is set to be held on Monday, 18 January 2021 at 8:00pm (AEDT).  All current members, regardless of age are eligible to vote.

2020 EA AGM Agenda

Recently 195 members from each and every state, provided their signature to support the Notice of Motion included within the agenda.  If this motion is successful this will allow ENT to be recognised under the EA Constitution as a member with full voting rights - just like any other state.

For this motion to be successful we now need all members to vote.

There are two ways that you can vote, by:

  1. appointing a proxy.  Which can either be a person of choice or the Chairperson of the meeting.  Both options are provided for on the form.
  2. registering and attending the virtual meeting in person.

The following is an example only, how the Appointment of Proxy Form should be correctly completed.

Appointment of Proxy Form

Important information:

  • Your signature to support the notice of motion as not your vote.  For the motion to be a success you now must vote.
  • Only completion of the EA Appointment of Proxy Form will be recgonised as appointing a proxy.

Danila Lochrin, ENT General Manager can be utilised as your appointed proxy, and details can be found within the above example.  Please note the General Manger will be voting in support of the motion.

If you have any questions, or require any assistance to complete the EA Appointment of Proxy Form, please contact the team at ENT via [email protected] or 0497 303 535

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