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Posted by Equestrian Northern Territory on 07/07/2020.

EA Voluntary Administration Update

Last night you should have received an email direct from Equestrian Australia (EA) introducing the EA Engagement Forum, as part of the Administration process.

All members are encouraged to participate in the Second Meeting of Creditors and vote either by proxy or in person on 14 July 2020 via videoconference.

During this meeting, the Administrators will be proposing a Deed of Company Arrangement (DOCA) and an alternative DOCA proposal from the State Branches, excluding Equestrian Northern Territory (ENT) and Equestrian Queensland (EQ).

Over the past weeks representatives of ENT have been in active discussions about what the future structure and governance of Equestrian Australia could look like.

At the forefront of the ENT Board Director’s minds, is its membership and how to create a resilient environment for the longevity of equestrian sport in the NT.

With this in mind, ENT did not agree to  be a party to the State Branches DOCA, based on the following reasons: 

  • Being a party to the State Branches’ DOCA required ENT to provide a letter of comfort to support, by way of underwriting a percentage of the national EA debit.
  • The suggested 3 members of the interim board have already been engaged by the State Branches’ to produce their DOCA.  The ENT board did not feel that parties already engaged, and some of them in a paid capacity represented an independent Board for all stakeholders.

Whilst the position of ENT is to support the Administrator’s DOCA, it does not stop our members in voting for the State Branches DOCA, and we strongly encourage all members to review the two proposed DOCAs when made available.

The Administrators are now seeking your input in designing the pathway for the future of EA. The options and subsequent member feedback, are for the benefit of the Transitional board, and will be for consideration of the Transitional board should the Company enter into the Administrator’s proposed DOCA.

More information on the EA restructure options can be found at

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask them via email to [email protected]  or phone 0497 303 535.  Alternatively, they can be emailed to KordaMentha at [email protected]

Anne-Marie Cruickshank

Chair | Equestrian Northern Territory

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