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Posted by Equestrian Northern Territory on 21/08/2020.

Equestrian Northern Territory has not been included as a voting member of the revised constitution. Why?

Equestrian Northern Territory (ENT), Equestrian Queensland (EQ), Chairs of the National Discipline Committees and KordaMentha have worked hard to secure a vote for ENT in the new constitution, however the five states are not willing to recognise ENT as a voting Branch.

ENT have been discussing with the states, prior to the VA about getting a vote and at one stage had the commitment of four out of the six states that they should have a vote. Immediately prior to VA , all states had voiced opinion that ENT should be a separate entity, who should be invited to comment and attend all meetings. However during this process, the five states have changed their opinion.

When asked, Mr Shepherd advised that including ENT in the constitution ‘This was a sticking point with the 5 State Branches who recognised that recognising NT as a branch was outside the express terms of the DOCA’

ENT is saddened  that  the five states have decided not to take this opportunity of constitutional change to allow  ENT a vote; however ENT remain fully supportive of the ‘one member, one vote ‘ and recognise the importance  of the role of the State Branches in the future of EA.

ENT are fully aware  of the  importance of the role of the State Branches moving forward.  ENT have responsibility of the management of the sport of equestrian in the NT and therefore we know that the  Branches know and understand their members requirements , in their  geographical location. In addition we know that the State Branches have already established relationships with government, which secure the much needed funds to keep our sport alive.

ENT recognise that  for successful organisational and cultural change to occur, there must be collaboration and in harmony, and that can only occur if all seven Branches and the National Discipline Committees, the EA Board, EA CEO and most importantly our members, can work together to deliver the required changes. All voices must be heard, in a respectful, open manner.

ENT will continue to lobby for its members to protect their rights and interests and is committed to working with the new transitional board for EA, States and NDCs equally alongside all other stakeholders.

Thank you for your time and support throughout this process. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to make contact with us via email [email protected],au or 0497 303 535.

Anne-Marie Cruickshank                 Tanya Reynolds

Chair                                               Director

Martin Evans                                    Jodi Triggs

Director                                           Director


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