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Posted by Danila Lochrin on 27/05/2020.

FREE Life Horse Registration for the month of June 2020

During the month of June ENT is offering members to life register their horse for FREE!

This is a saving of $110 and once done, it is done for life!

Once your horse is registered you are eligible to:

  • enter our discipline state championships.  For example:  NT Show Horse and Rider State Championships, NT Jumping Championships and NT Dressage Championships
  • compete in dressage in official competitive competitions, pony, and horse
  • compete in the Australian Dressage Championships
  • compete in official jumping height classes
  • compete in the Australian Jumping Championships
  • compete at the National Interschool Championships
  • qualify for the EA National Show Horse and Rider Championships
  • apply for an official height certificate
  • have your competition results recorded on a national database

To register your horse, it must have a microchip number.  If you are unsure if your horse already has one, your local vet will have a microchip scanner, which they will use to detect if your horse has a microchip already inserted.

In order to complete your registration application, we will ask you to provide:

  • 5 names in order of preference
  • details about your horse markings and brands

The process is easy. You can either complete a hard copy form and return to ENT via email [email protected] or complete your form electronically via MyEA, EA’s online member portal.

Hard copy of ENT registration form

MyEA online member portal

If you have any questions, or need assistance, please contact us via email at [email protected]



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