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Posted by Equestrian Northern Territory on 12/08/2020.

A letter from the EA National Discipline Chairs to the Directors of the State Equestrian Branches and Deed Administrators

The combined Equestrian Australia (EA) National Discipline Committee Chairs have asked each state to share the attached information with their memberships.

Equestrian Northern Territory (ENT) fully supports ‘one member one vote’ as endorsed by members at the Second Creditors meeting on 14 July 2020  and the comments from the EA National Discipline Committee Chairs in the attached letter. 

ENT is continuing discussion with KordaMentha, other state branches and the EA National Discipline Committees regarding the inclusion of ENT as a recognised voting branch under the EA Constitution.  To date Kordamentha, Equestrian Queensland (EQ) and the National Discipline Committees have been supportive of ENT inclusion in the EA Constitution.

ENT is a branch of Equestrian Australia in every essence i.e. have our own board, have our own staff, pay levies to EA, but are not recognised as a Branch in the EA Constitution

 letter from the EA National Discipline Chairs to the Directors of the State Equestrian Branches & Deed Administrators



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