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Posted by Equestrian Northern Territory on 15/12/2020.

Martin Evans Proposed Notice of Motion

Equestrian Northern Territory (ENT) memebr and Vice Chair, Martin Evans is seeking voting members to support his Notice of Motion as part of the Equestrian Australia (EA) 2020 AGM.

Recently Marty was involved in discussion with the newly elected Equestrian Australia (EA) Chair, State Chairs, and representatives. Mark Bradley EA Chair placed emphasis on inclusiveness, collaboration between all the states and Territory would be a key success factor for EA to move forward as a more transparent organisation, working for its members, improving the cooperation between all horse sport organisations across Australia .  This was broadly acknowledged and supported by all of those who attended this meeting.

When Marty joined the Board in 2019 he was surprised to hear that ENT is not currently considered a voting member of EA, and therefore is excluded from voting rights, and often denied the right to be an observer at meetings.

As a result he firmy believe for ENT to secure its place in the EA structure for its membership and equestrian sport in the NT, ENT must be recognised as a Member of the Company.

Marty comments 'Without this there is no security for ENT'

To propose change Marty is seeking at least 100 voting members 'signatures' to support his Notice of Motion.  

Your signature can be provided by two methods:  Via Nominate or via email [email protected],au when emailing please inlude your full membership registered name and membership number.  Deadline is Friday 18 December 2020 9am NT time.

Members can provide their signatures from aroudn the nation, you don't have to be a member of ENT to support!

The following are the details of the proposed Notice of Motion.

I Martin Evans, a voting member entitled to vote, in accordance with Clause 14 of the Equestrian Australia Constitution are seeking the support of at least 100 voting members entitled to vote to support the following Notice of Motion:


It is agreed the following changes are made to the Equestrian Australia Limited (EA) Constitution, effective from 15 September 2020, and published on the EA website

  1. Rule 4.1 Definitions, page 7

Definition ‘Branch Territory’ is amended to read: “Branch Territory” means, in respect of a Branch, its State or Territory of incorporation.

  1. Rule 5.2 Branches (a), page 11

In reference to Equestrian Northern Territory, the words ‘subject to Rule 5.2(h)’ is removed.

  1. Rule 5.2 Branches (c), page 11

Rule (ii) is removed.

  1. Rule 5.2 Branches (e), page 11

Is removed.

  1. Rule 2 Branches (f), page 11

Is removed.

  1. Rule 5.2 Branches (h), page 11

Is removed.


Agreed changes will allow Equestrian Northern Territory to be recognised as a Member of the Company for the purpose of the Act or the EA Constitution, and is therefore entitled to exercise any of the powers, rights or entitlements granted to members of a company under the Act, or members under the EA Constitution.

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