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Posted by Equestrian Northern Territory on 21/10/2022.

Membership Survey Results

The following responds to feedback provided in the recent Equestrian Northern Territory (ENT) Membership survey that was conducted in September 2022.

The below provides an overview of the make-up of the survey participants, key themes emerging, next steps and a summary.


The survey received 61 responses.  50 of the respondents are current ENT members, 11 respondents were not current members.  ENT has a current membership count (including affiliates) of 176 members (at time of survey). 50 member responses reflect 28% of the current ENT membership.

A survey response rate of 50% of higher should be considered excellent in most circumstances.  A high response is often driven by a high level of motivation to complete the survey.  Survey response rates in the 5% to 30% range are more typical.

As expected, most of the respondents reside in Darwin.  There was a total of 48 respondents from Darwin and 81% of those respondents are current members.  Most of the respondents are Competitor Senior members.

Key Themes

ENT Clinics

There was mixed feedback on ENT providing clinics. ENT takes this opportunity to provide the background on these clinics.

The NT Dressage Squad clinics have been run in Darwin by ENT since 2014.

After the pilot in 2014 the clinic framework was rolled out for an NT Jumping Squad in Darwin, and both regular Dressage and Jumping Clinics commenced to be delivered in Alice Springs.

The NT Dressage Squad has continued, close to its original format, and DSJC elected to take on the Jump clinics after 4 years, The NT Dressage Squad clinics have remained with ENT.  Dressage and Jumping clinics run by ENT have also been offered in Alice Springs for several years.

In 2022 ENT delivered a 2 day clinic with Simon Kale in Alice Springs, which was successfully received.  In addition, financial support was provided to the Katherine region to run a Dressage Clinic in their region.

In 2020 ENT planned to deliver a Show Horse clinic with coach Jess Stones, however due the pandemic this was not possible to run.  The Darwin Horse Cub (DSHC) was formed in 2021, and the airfare was gifted to the newly formed club to help them establish a presence.

NT Championships

The response to the NT Championships provides an opportunity to reassess the delivery and format and/or if delivery of a championship per discipline is what members really want.

Based on the responses received, most respondents responded with ‘I think they should be offered for riders who wish to compete in them, however I don’t centre my competition goals around this event’.

However, it is very difficult to determine what the actual member’s position is on the NT Championship.  The main observation is the majority would be happy for the event to proceed for those who wish to ride in it.  Therefore, it is strongly supported in principle, but not coming across that each respondent is seeing their discipline championships as the pinnacle of their season/training program.

The decision made for the 2022 championships was generally supported by most respondents, except for some adverse feedback in relation to the NT Show Horse and Rider Championships.


Additional safety measures at events are placing a resource and financial strain on the affiliated clubs.  It is reassuring to see that safety is important to most respondents.  However, from a competitor’s perspective there is limited to no personal financial ability to support such measures.

Next Steps

ENT is committed to working closely with DDC, DSJC and DSHC as the historic organising committees of the 3 NT Championship events, to form a view and plan for the events for 2023 and beyond.

At present no decision has been reached as there are many factors that need to be considered prior.  Collectively the group is committed to providing an outcome to the membership early 2023.

ENT is committed to working with all its affiliated clubs to investigate a cost effective framework to meet the increased demands for event safety, with the view to roll out changes in 2023.


In summary most respondents feel ENT provides them value for money.  The organisation is visible and supportive of their equestrian pursuits.

ENT will continue to work closely with its affiliated clubs to provide opportunities to its members in line with the strategic plan, additionally creating greater transparency for all stakeholders.

ENT invites members to ask any additional questions, and its affiliated clubs offer the same:

  • Darwin Dressage Club
  • Darwin Show Jumping Club
  • Darwin Show Horse Club
  • Berrimah Riding Club
  • Royal Darwin Show
  • Katherine Show
  • Alice Springs Pony Club
  • Alice Springs Equestrian Management Group

Together with its affiliated clubs/groups, ENT will continue to support and grow equestrian sports in the Northern Territory.

If you have any feedback or questions regarding the above please email them to [email protected]

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