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Posted by Equestrian Northern Territory on 26/01/2019.

NT Dressage Championships a success

The 2018 NT Dressage Championships have, once again, been a great success!

The 2 day event, hosted on ENT's behalf by Darwin Dressage Club, attracted huge entries and despite the hot weather were a keenly contested competition.

Thanks to the hard working DDC organising committee and ENT and DDC members for making this another great event.

Preliminary Horse Rider

CHAMPION Kasperrado Davinity Jackie Pen-dennis

RESERVE My Boy Memphis Susanne Brutsch

Preliminary Pony Horse Rider

CHAMPION Glynyarra Park Libretto Ashley Overall

RESERVE Croyden Park Cool Ace Emily Hubble

Novice Horse Rider

CHAMPION F1 Jaguar Vanessa Lines

RESERVE Remi Led Zeppelin Anne-Marie Cruickshank

Novice Pony Horse Rider

CHAMPION Prince Spirit Talcum Shayla Fattore

RESERVE Dracmoore Flirtacious Mandy Smith

Elementary Horse Rider

CHAMPION Byalee Gift Vanessa Lines

RESERVE Wynola Claytons Rumour Anne-Marie Cruickshank

Elementary Pony Horse Rider

CHAMPION Dracmoore Flirtacious Mandy Smith

Medium Horse Rider

CHAMPION Cayenne Shannah Mudge

RESERVE Harvest Rafaela Samantha Overall

Advanced Horse Rider

CHAMPION Harvest Rafaela Samantha Overall
2018 ENT Dressage Championships




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